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1st time home buyers

Knowledge & preparation is our strength and it is first priority when consulting our clientele. We take a thorough  + patient approach to help in every step of your mortgage acquisition journey.

Debt Consolidation

Unsecured debt poses a higher risk to lenders and therefore interest rates are considerably higher than mortgages. Every client is unique and we treat them as such. Your financial portfolio will be be finely analyzed in order to present reliable advisement + solutions through the financing process.

self employment solutions

Self-employed applicants always face more daunting challenges as higher risk individuals. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have built a go-to system in how to combat these obstacles + put the very best plan in place.

mortgage renewals + transfers

We work tirelessly to be able to offer the very best options for you. From lower rates to flexible terms, we are only a click away.

Mortgage Refinancing

Boost is here to study your current financial standing and provide expert financial solutions on large purchases, investments + leveraging home equity in various ways to your benefit.

Construction + renovation financing

Renovation investments can be substantial and tend to inflate as the project progresses. We can offer solutions to leverage your home equity to assist in the process and inevitably add value to your property.

New to Canada

Moving to a new country can be a complex journey, we know from personal experience. A reason why we are committed to providing reliable consultation in during this process. If you hold permanent resident status and have been in Canada for at least 3 months, you likely can qualify under the New to Canada Program. Get in touch for more insight.

Secured lines of credit

If you are expecting to make an investment, considering home renovations a large purchase, you might want to consider using your home as an ATM. Otherwise referred to as HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit), Lines of Credit use the current market value of your home as collateral allowing you to leverage your property to borrow funds at lower rates than conventional lines of credit or credit cards.

Separations + Divorce

Separation from a partner is often an intricate + emotional experience compounded by the logistics of asset division, especially the family home. We are here as a support system to guide you through and put you in the very best position at every turn.

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